Ten Luxury Amenities that are Trending for a Home

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When looking for a home, there are certain things a potential resident might look for. These could include the location, nearby stores and restaurants, public transportation, commuting to work, and many more. When choosing a home what type of amenities are you looking for?  I am came across this article from The Fiscal Times that speaks about ten luxury home amenities that are trending up. In the article, they listed the following ten amenities for a home which are:

1. Marble Bath
2. Roof Deck
3. Oversized Windows
4. Storage
5. Terrace
6. Floor to Ceiling Windows
7. Ceiling Windows
8. Marble Floors
9. Wine Room
10. Gym

Looking at the list and comparing it to the DC metropolitan area, I noticed that the roof deck, oversized windows, terrace, roof deck, floor to ceiling windows, and a gym are in some part amenities for a condominium building in the DC metro area. Luxury can mean different things to different people. According to Meriam-Webster Dictionary Online, luxury is defined as ‘a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth’.  In my opinion, I agree with the term that luxury has to be something extraordinary and unique. These luxury qualities can include: location, abstract/expansive views of the area, unique architecture and design, the history of the community, and elements that encourage interaction such as parks, farmer’s market, and sidewalks for residents and potential residents.

How do you define luxury? What do you think about the ten luxury amenities for a home that is trending up? Share your comments with us.


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