Restaurant Spotlight: Pastry Xpo Cafe

I must admit, I truly love desserts and pastries. Today, I took a visit to a place that sells cupcakes, deserts, and pastries which is Pastry Xpo Café. This place is located in Merrifield near the Dun Loring metro station in Virginia. Owner Pastry Chef Toni Srour has over 35 plus years of experience in the baking and management industry in which he describes his food options as fresh, wholesome, and natural.

When you walk into the café, it has a casual feel with small tables, a comfy lounge area, and outlets in case you need to work on a laptop. Also you will see a glass case filled with cupcakes, cakes, custom desserts, pastries, tea cookies, and tarts to choose from.

I was set on choosing a dessert to try but was not sure which one to choose. I spoke with one of the staff members that was there and ask what they would recommend as a dessert. The staff mentioned that most customers like the Orange Mango Cheesecake followed by the Opera. I decided to choose the Opera or L’Opera. The Opera was definitely a French type of cake that consisted of layers of almond that was fused with coffee syrup. The cake also was layered with ganache and coffee buttercream that was covered with a chocolate glazed.

A pairing of a nice espresso or a tea goes well with the Opera. Overall, the dessert was really rich, sweet, and a great presentation design. The price of the cake was $4.99. Below are a few pictures I took of the desserts while I was there.



L’Opera cake

Besides desserts, the café offer other menu options for its customers including breakfast and lunch. To view their variety of menu option, visit their website.

Name: Pastry Xpo Cafe
Location: 8190 Strawberry Ln
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: 571-282-4970


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